Wednesday, April 18, 2012

we need plants

So, our seed starting experiment was a bust.  We got some tomato starts that grew very tall very fast, so the stalks couldn't support the leaves.  The pepper seeds never started.  We think we should have packed the soil into the tubes better.  Lots of lessons learned, though!

Now we need plants to fill our garden.  Please check out our "help us grow" page to get updated needs.  Your donations are greatly appreciated!

And not all was a loss with our seeds - we are going to have a great harvest of lettuce and radishes soon.  Pictures are forthcoming!

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  1. We got some advice from a reader and thought we'd share in case anyone else had similar problems with tomato seeds:

    "Tomato Plants with long limp stems can be successfully planted.
    Just bury the excess stem horizontally or angled up from the buried root
    ball so that only the top two or three inches sticks out above ground. The
    buried stem will thicken as the top grows and will grow roots to absorb
    nutrients from the soil and anchor the plant. In fact, some growers do this
    routinely, believing that the extra roots from the stem help the plants to
    grow more vigorously. "

    Thanks for the help, Keith!